Make Transparent Love Emoji on Whatsapp by Cool Symbol and Gboard

How to make a transparent love emoji in WhatsApp that is currently being popular on whatsapp users. Users can create it via the website without downloading any application.

Emoji describes the mood WhatsApp user each other. Using emojis when sending messages makes chatting more intimate just like as meeting face to face.

There are various emojis that you can send to express yourself. One of it is the transparent love emoji that shows affection and love.

Users can send it to their loved ones so that the message looks more real. This transparent love is also suitable for minimalist lovers.

Curious how to make it? Heres the step will help you on how to make a transparent love emoji on iPhone and Android without any app.

How to Make Transparent Love Emoji on WhatsApp

How to Make Transparent Love Emoji on Cool Symbols
To make a transparent love emoji you can do via the website. Check out more in the following step.

1. Visit the Cool Symbol Website

  • Visit one of the websites that provide transparent love emojis, such as Then, you will see several unique emoji displays. 
  • NExt, choose a transparent emoji without color. You can choose from a variety of colored emojis to striped motifs that you can't find on WhatsApp.

2. Create Transparent Love Emoji

  • To create a transparent love emoji, click once on the colorless love emoji, so that it will be automatically copied on the clipboard of the phone you are using. 
  • Then, open the WhatsApp application.

3. Open WhatsApp Chat Messages

  • Open a chat message with your WhatsApp friend's contact. 
  • Press and hold in the message field. 
  • Click the 'Paste' option to write the transparent love emoticon that was copied from the website. 
  • Finally, click the 'Send' button to send the message along with the emoji.

How to Create More Emojis

If you are interested in creating more emoji, then there is a Mini emoji feature on Gboard that can be applied on various social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and others.
How to make a transparent Mini emoticon on Gboard? Here are the steps!
  1. Download the Gboard app on Google Play Store for Android users or Apple Apps Store for iOS users. Make sure your HP keyboard settings use Gboard. You can change it in the settings, select language, then virtual keyboard, select Gboard as the default.
  2. Done the first step, then you can select one of the messaging applications, then start opening chats to bring up the Gboard virtual keyboard. Select the Google "G" logo in the upper left corner of Gboard or precisely above the letter "Q", then select the smiley box emoji icon under the Google logo.
  3. After that, select the smiley face animation image, its position is in the right corner in a row of stickers. Then select 'create' to create a Mini emoji from your photo.
  4. The selfie camera will automatically capture your photo and process it into an emoji. After that you can customize it with various character options, choose colors for hair, various types of headgear and glasses.

Easy, right? From now on, you can express your love by creating a transparent love emoji on WhatsApp.
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