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Wild marijuana farm in the middle of the forest

Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia, located in the north of the island of Sumatra and inhabited by the Aceh tribe and a small part of the Gayo tribe. In the past before joining the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, Aceh was an independent and sovereign state. One of Aceh's natural products is cannabis. Marijuana was once quite close to the lives of the people of Aceh. The quality of Aceh marijuana is very famous as the best quality throughout Indonesia and over the world. its famous for the term leaf from heaven.

Marijuana is one of the plants that is closely related to the traditions of the Acehnese people in the ancient, here are some of the benefits of marijuana according to the ancient Acehnese book

Marijuana or also known as canabis is a psychotropic substance that contains tetrahydrocannabinol and also cannabidiol which makes the user or consumer geting euphoria or excessive feelings of comfort and joy.

In Indonesia itself, the psychotropic type of marijuana is currently illegal for production, distribution, and consumption. Since 2009 based on appendix 1 point 8 of Law Number 35 concerning narcotics and marijuana is included in fsrt class narcotics.

Despite the illegal status of marijuana in Indonesia for production, distribution, and consumption, there are still many cases of marijuana abuse with perpetrators ranging from ordinary people to artists and public figures.

Talking about marijuana, a few months ago Aceh Province BNN (National Narcotics Agency) officers reportedly destroyed approximately 6,500 marijuana stems in the Lamteuba forest area, Seulimeum District, Aceh Besar Regency, Aceh.

As you knows that the destruction of cannabis plants that are planted ilegally is not the first time but often and can be said every year there is destruction of cannabis fields in the forests in Aceh Province.

Why is Aceh closely related to marijuana, is it true that in Aceh there is a tradition of using marijuana that is famous to other regions?

Indonesian police secure an illegal marijuana farm

According to several articles that I read, the reason why Aceh can be said to be close to marijuana is because of the customary traditions in the past, precisely in the 17th or 18th century Sultanate, which is said to use marijuana as an alternative medicine because there is no other type of treatment.

This history is also written in detail and clearly in an ancient Acehnese book written in the early 18th century entitled Ar-rahmah Fi Tib Wal Hikmah by Teungku Chiek Abbas Kuta Karang. In this book, it is clearly explained about the benefits of marijuana for treatment ranging from external or internal diseases such as stomach acid, diabetes, or stab wounds and also shooting.

The book also explains that in the 18th century the use of marijuana as an alternative medicine was also based on the King who was in power at that time, and the community also used all parts of the cannabis plant for treatment ranging from roots, leaves, to seeds.

That is not all yet, but the use of marijuana for cooking spices has also been done by the people of Aceh.

The book Ar-rahmah Fi Tib Wal Hikmah and Tajul Muluk itself are ancient books by famous scholars in Aceh.

In the past, marijuana was a positive commodity from the people of Aceh, and began to change its status after it was banned from production, distribution and consumption as stipulated by the law INdonesia country. 

However, even though the cultivation, use and distribution of marijuana has been strictly prohibited in Aceh, some individuals still continue to secretly grow and use marijuana on the grounds that their ancestors have a tradition of using marijuana for alternative medicine.


Although in some countries marijuana products are legal, so if you want to buy marijuana of Aceh, of course, pay the attention because in Indonesia marijuana is illegal and prohibited.

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