The beautifull Maratua twin of Maldives

Derawan Indonesia- Tourist call Maratua as the twin of Maldives. Thus photographs of white sands, crystal clear waters tub and resorts over the sea. Interested to come?

Most of tourists call Maratua the twins of Maldives. The resort on the sea, the beach and the ocean waters Maratua that are really looks like Maldives (foto Afif / detikTravel

Maratua is the largest island in the Derawan Islands, district of Berau, East Kalimantan indonesia. Maratua has four villages, as well as a favorite destination for foreign and domestic tourists. (Afif / detikTravel)

Maratua has a clear blue sea, rows of palm trees and white sandy beaches. The scenery typical of tropical islands and tourists were free to swim around the coast (Afif / detikTravel)

The most famous in Maratua, is Maratua Dive Resorts. This resort features rooms named Water Villa is located on the water. Just like the resorts on the sea that Maldives has belong to (Afif / detikTravel)

From the top of the resort, we can take pictures and see the super crystal clear waters. Sometimes when lucky's come, we could see turtles swimming (Afif / detikTravel)

If you want to stay in the Water Villa, prepare pockets ranging from Rp 700 thousand per night. When you wake in the morning, we can immediately take in to the sea (Afif / detikTravel)

Thus Maratua Island waters. Tourists call it 'crystal water' because it looks like crystal (Afif / detikTravel)

The most fun to swim in Maratua. Clear and clean with no stains. This is called lost in the sea (Afif / detikTravel)

Maratua Island already has a small airport that can be visited ATR type aircraft. However, there are still some parts that have not been completed yet. It is expected willd be finished in this year , because the journey from Berau or Balikpapan is will be closer to Derawan Islands (Afif / detikTravel)

The Australian tourists swimming in Maratua Island. They came here byt the invitation of Australian Travel Agent Fam Trip and the Indenesian Ministry of Tourism a few weeks ago. Most of the said, Maratua is really looks like Maldives! (Afif / detikTravel)
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