Result pacquiao VS mayweather: pacman should be the winner

Heroes of the Philippines and Asia manny pacman pacquiao was not satisfied. He felt worthy should be the winner in a duel against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"It was a good fight. I felt the win. He did not do anything. He just dodged."

Once Pacquiao said in a brief interview in the ring at the MGM Grand Graden, Las Vegas, after he was declared as the loser by absolute points of Mayweather, Sunday (03/05/2015) morning local time.

"I hit him a few times. I think I was the winner of this match. He's moving here and there. It's not easy to launch a lot of punch when your opponent keeps dodging.

"I can overcome his power. It was not as strong as my opponents else. It's not about size. I often face greater boxer than him, and it was not a problem," he concluded.

For Pacquiao defeat that this is the 6th of 65 games, which he won 57 of them. As for Mayweather, he always wins in the 648 party. WBO world belt, WBA, and WBC still around his waist.

some comments in social media, suspected there was fraud by a jury in this borring fight.
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