Indonesia Comedian Olga syahputra Died #RipOlgaSyahputra On twitter

olga syahputra is a famous comedian artist Indonesia. Olga syahputra been ill since last year. Until today reportedly died.

Having previously had circulated olga issue syahputra died, the news has now become a reality. Olga certainly died today 27 March 2015 in Singapore. olga syahputra dying day reminds us of the death of the late Uje right on Friday.

And of course the entertainment industry back in mourning, especially for the fans olga syahputra. Artist Olga Syahputra role (32) died in Singapore on Friday (03/27/2015) afternoon local time.

The news was delivered by the manager Olga, Madame Vera, through telephone interviews with Net TV in a live broadcast Breaking News.

After the interview via telephone, Net Entertainment's official Twitter account directly publish this sad news. "Innalillahi wa'innalillahi rojiun passed away one of the best comedians OLGA syahputra at 5 pm in Singapore," wroteNET_entertainment.

Reported previously, Olga since June 2014 were treated at one hospital in Singapore as suffering from meningitis. Previously, Olga was undergoing treatment at the Hospital Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

NET twitter account, NET_entertainmentENews_NET mention the entire family of the teamENews_NET condolences on the loss of the greatest OLGA #RipOlgaSyahputra syahputra.

While chirp Maya Siswadi @ Bunda3F responded with Innalillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rojiun. For Olga Syahputra sorry. Smoga dilapangkan and accepted his good deeds.

Previous .NET twitter Innalillahi wa'innalillahi rojiun passed away one of the best comedians OLGA syahputra 17:17 pm Singapore time #RipOlgaSyahputra

Following a barrage of news Olga Syahputra died circulating on Twitter:

auliavebriany: Olga Syahputra RIP God Bless you.

photo allegedly circulated on twitter last olga condition before death

TabloidBintang: Innalillahi ... Olga Syahputra Died

igoyesic: Rest in peace the great entertainer of Indonesia Olga Syahputra

We will miss u #RIPOlgaSyahputra

agus_kotak: "Graceeecmg: Shocking news. RIP Olga Syahputra. May God bless his family and friends."

deva_ekada: RIP Olga Syahputra, may rest in there kak okga, trimakasih on jokes and laughter that kk give! We love you Olga Syahputra !!

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however until now no corpse photos olga syahputra post reportedly died. because of course many who do not believe in this very sad news. Whatever happens, let us pray for the best for olga syahputra, if indeed he had invoked the Almighty, may his good deeds be accepted and placed in the best place in the universe there. RIP olga syahputra.

Here's the official video interviews with managers vera olga syahputra
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