This is Maria Shaw, She travel over the world by free cost

There are so many relationship that must be end before married. Even some couples did not part on good terms but in bad conditions so hostile to each other afterwards. It is an experienced by a woman. She is Maria Shaw from London, England.

Maria said that no longer have a place to stay after the affair ended badly. She then lost the home after a breakup and no longer have a place to stay. Women 26 years, said passengers staying at a relatives house after the relationship ended.
"After dropping out of last year I did not have anything else. I lost everything, a loving relationship and home. I was forced to stay at a friend's house, I was homeless," Maria said as quoted by the Mirror.

Felt to be a burden on his friend's house, she wanted to go to Australia alone but did not have the money. She also tried to join a dating site, Miss Travel, in 2015. She hopes there is someone out there who asked her out so that she could travel without spending any money.

Not unexpectedly, She managed to attract some men from different countries to date him. For approximately eight months She had been taken to Dubai, Paris, Marbella and Milan. The entire cost of flights and accommodation paid for by the men who met him online.
However, Maria has always stressed to men who want to date him not to force her to have sex. She claimed to feel happier now able to travel the world for free without any coercion. Until now She has not planned to return to London.

"So far I've flown around the world in five dating. They are all unique to have a personality is different. I alone was enough to feel jet. I was always put safety first, although sometimes had to speak loudly to the men especially that I have my own room, "Maria said.

Maria also tells a bit about his experience dating a few men from different countries. She initially assume that men want 'more' than regular date. But it all sincere man she met never have a hope only for sex.

One man memorable for Maria when flying to Marbella. She was given his own apartment and they are just like people going out on a date. In fact She was given pocket money for shopping.

"We just went out for dinner for four days and go to the club. She gave me the money to spend even I was surprised because it bought two pairs of new shoes. Unfortunately She's a little older and we did not do a more distant relationship like sex," She said ,
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